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ARCORA Touchless Kitchen Faucets Black Single Handle With Pull Down Sprayer


How to make the kitchen to be easier?— Supporting TWO activating modes : No longer using the switch handle with your messy hand, just touching anywhere (Not include: Sprayer) or closing the gooseneck on the kitchen tap with your hand or forearm to start and stop the flowing, near untouched cleaning design.

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Black kitchen sink faucet pull down 2311601C
Are you looking for a high-end Black kitchen sink faucet pull down that performs optimally in both homes and bars & kitchen restaurants? Search no further! ARCORA has managed to fabricate a black kitchen sink faucet pull down that offers top-league performance, even during harsh and demanding conditions. As you can image, at commercial sites like restaurants and bars, every single employee is working at top speed. That does not necessarily mean that kitchen or bar equipment is treated with delicacy by the staff members. That is why commercial kitchen sink faucets have to be 100% resistant to offer 100% performance at all times, even more at the most stressful moments.
Bar and restaurant owners often select pull down kitchen sink faucets, as they are both practical and functional. They can reach any spot in or nearby the kitchen sink. Even in restaurants with its enormous kitchen sinks, a kitchen sink faucet pull down can reach any place or spot that has to be cleaned. A feature that is highly demanded for especially commercial kitchen sink faucets, is that the spray head retracts to its original position. And preferably automatically by a magnetic docking station to not lose any valuable time. Not for nothing ARCORA’s black kitchen sink faucet pull down has been widely used in both restaurants and home kitchens all over the world.
Quality standards of kitchen sink faucets pull down
The black kitchen sink faucet pull down of ARCORA is certified under BSCI, CE, UPC, and ISO 9001. This proves tha ARCORA takes quality seriously and does everything to accomplish and even surpass the industry standards. Exceeding expectations is the objective. ARCORA only uses high-grade materials like high-density brass and stainless steel. The durability and resistance therefore is ensured. The kitchen sink faucet body is constructed of zinc alloy, the faucet core is made of massive brass and the spout is fabricated of stainless steel. These materials guarantee a highperformance kitchen sink faucet that is durable, drip-free, lead-free and anti-explosion.
ARCORA’s black kitchen sink faucet pull down features a magnetic docking station that will always meet and exceed your expectations. The spray head will always be at the correct position, even after a longer period. This magnetic docking station has been tested over 10,000 times. It appeared that after all these tests, the built-in magnet could still position the spray head precisely after pulling it out.
Cost efficient black kitchen sink faucet pull down
Not only is ARCORA’s black kitchen sink faucet pull down highly affordable to buy, it is also cost efficient regarding its water usage. Because of its innovative Neoperl Aerator, the water usage is reduced to 50% of its original use. This Neoperl Aerator is certified as well, and will serve its purpose for a long period of time. It reduces the water flow in a smart way, so you will not even notice that less water is used. The water is simply served with higher pressure in order to clean even better, than without the innovative Neoperl Aerator water reducing device. And by the way resulting in a 50% reduced water bill! This proves that ARCORA takes innovations and water consumption seriously. If preferred, the Neoperl ABS aerator could simply be removed by a coin. Either to replace and clean it, or to use the full water pressure of ARCORA’s black kitchen sink faucet pull down.

  • Anyway, the buying price of the black kitchen sink faucet pull down is highly affordable. ARCORAoffers you the best value for money when you look at the quality the company is offering. Its production process is highly automated and precise. In this way ARCORA saves many costs, and yet offers quality products that can compete with or even outperform A-brand kitchen sink faucets. ARCORA’s black kitchen sink faucet pull down are even affordable for budget kitchens. With its cost-effective quality and modern appearance, ARCORA definitely proves to be the best choice in the market.
    Design black kitchen sink faucet pull down
    While ARCORA’s kitchen sink faucet seems to fit budget kitchens as well, it does not mean that ARCORA has compromised on style, design and functionality. On the contrary! This black kitchen sink faucet pull down was designed with care and adds a glamorous look to your kitchen. The high-arc design looks like an elegant swan and the handle was boldly designed with smooth curves. The spray head contributes to its contemporary design as well.
    Regarding functionalities, the black kitchen sink faucet pull down offers 3 water modes: sweep, stream and spray. With the unique sweep mode, water is strongly forced like an aqua-blade to rinse dirty dishes and the kitchen sink quickly and strongly. The powerful flow mode is more suitable for low water pressure, for example when you are washing vegetables and don’t want to damage them. Finally, with the spray mode you could fill a pot with water in a short time.
    Operational excellence of the black kitchen sink faucet pull down
    Adopting a single-handled and pull down spray, ARCORA’ sblack  kitchen sink faucet pull down definitely is easy to operate. Besides, the 360 degree rotation spray head helps you as well to do your work more easily, saving you both time and effort. The pull out hose offers a smooth retraction process. This single hole black kitchen sink faucet pull down therefore stands out because of its convenient operation.
    Ultimately, the black kitchen sink faucet pull down is easy to install. This single-handled high arc kitchen sink faucet was designed to fit either 1 or 3 hole kitchen decks. You do not need to worry about esthetic problems because of predrilled holes, as ARCORA provides your with a metal deck plate to cover up any hole. ARCORA also offers all installation materials that you need to install this black kitchen sink faucet pull down, including gloves, Teflon tape and tools. Installation of this ARCORA kitchen sink faucet therefore goes like a breeze!
    The advantages of the black kitchen sink faucet pull down in a nutshell:
    Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
    · Bold stylish design
    · Magnetic pull-out spray head
    · Three spraying functions
    · Made of high quality materials
    · Easy to clean and easy to maintain
    · 5-year warranty







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