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ARCORA Kitchen Sink Faucets Square Pull Down Brushed Nickel


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The single hole kitchen faucet high arc has the following advantages: 360-degree rotation, flexible cleaning without dead angles in all directions;
Water is more convenient, and hot and cold water can be switched freely;
You can control the temperature at will. Explosion-proof stainless steel braided hose, easy to install, high temperature and pressure resistance, anti-aging.

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Ktchen tap with pull out spray 2310700
What is one of the most important features of your kitchen? Many would answer the kitchen tap as this item is used dozens of times a day. Besides, kitchen taps are often considered as the prime focal points of a kitchen. Regardless the style of your kitchen. For some reason everyone’s attention is naturally caught by the kitchen tap. Even more reason to select the right kitchen tap for your new kitchen design. The wrong choice might take all balance out of your kitchen design, or you might select the kitchen tap that does not suit your preferences what you expect in terms of functionality. Finally, quality definitely does not stay unnoticed. One could easily see what a quality kitchen tap is and which one is not.

But how do you notice quality? You should use a kitchen tap for years to be able to judge if the quality of a kitchen tap is above average or not. You can easily notice this with the warranty period a kitchen tap producer provides you. A supplier that provides a 1-year warranty might expect some problems after a couple of years. Therefore he does not want to offer a longer warranty period in order to save costs. On the other hand, a kitchen tap supplier that provides a

5-year warranty period, trusts its product and definitely does want to take its responsibility for its performance during all those years. People might ask, why not a 10-year warranty? Well, the performance of a kitchen tap also depends on its use, its maintenance and the water quality. Kitchen taps might easily last over 10 years, but good maintenance and control of water is preferable to guarantee a long life endurance.

Pull out spray kitchen tap
Many people prefer a pull out spray kitchen tap over any other kitchen tap. The main reason is that you can really reach any point in or around your kitchen sink. In this way, cleaning your kitchen can not be done easier with another kitchen tap. With the water hose you can easily extend your reach with 32 inches to each side. With a normal kitchen tap you could never reach this distance, so it would be much more inconvenient to clean. With this pull-out spray kitchen tap you will therefore clean your kitchen in a wink of an eye.

The big advantage of an integrated pull out spray kitchen tap is that it looks elegant and you hardly notice that you have access to a water hose of nearly 4’11”. This pull out spray kitchen tap of ARCORA just looks like a regular kitchen tap. Even when you look closer, you will hardly see the difference from a standard kitchen tap. But when you pull the spray head of this pull out spray kitchen tap, you suddenly notice that you have a retractable water hose in your hands. And you will be surprised by the length of it! After using the water hose, it automatically retracts to its original position, like nothing has happened. This smooth retracting functionality with its flexible water hose and counterweight was amazingly designed, you will notice at once.

Maintenance kitchen tap with a pull out spray
Who likes to maintain a kitchen faucet? No one we would guess. Maintenance however sounds more serious than it actually is. With a kitchen tap, the most important maintenance you will have to perform is to clean it well. Of course one should remove dirt after cooking from the kitchen tap. In this way you keep the coating of the kitchen tap in best shape. Like this your kitchen faucet continues to shine like it was still brand new. Besides, it is important to remove all hard water residue from the kitchen tap spray head. Especially when you live in an area where water is harder than normal. This basically means that water contains a lot of chalk. This leaves some residue on the kitchen tap after each use. That is no problem at all, as long as you clean this frequently.

If you don’t, the chalk will build-up constantly and in the end it will not be easy to remove anymore. This might influence the performance of the valves, levers and spray of the kitchen tap. Especially when you have a pull out spray kitchen tap, you might want to clean your kitchen tap deeply now and then. This makes sure that all residue is removed easily and properly to guarantee a life-long high performance of your pull out spray kitchen tap.

Functionalities pull out spray kitchen tap
Besides functionality, this pull out spray kitchen tap is stylishly designed. The high arc shape offers you elegancy and practical space at the same time. The brushed nickel finish gives this pull out spray kitchen tap a marvelous style as well. It would fit in any restaurant or hotel, but in your kitchen it would definitely give that uplift you were searching for.

Regarding functionalities, this pull out spray kitchen tap features three water functions to provide you with the comfort you are looking for when cleaning your kitchen. You could even pause the water stream with the special button at the spray head. In this way you don’t have to touch the lever when you want to hold the water for just a second. The lever can be single-handedly operated to adjust water temperature and water pressure. With the 360 degrees rotation function of the kitchen tap you can really reach all places.

Warranty pull out spray kitchen tap
This high-end pull out spray kitchen tap was made of high-quality brass materials. Therefore ARCORA is confident to offer you a 5-year warranty period and a 90-day money back guarantee. Our confidence must definitely convince you of the value for money we are offering you with this pull out spray kitchen tap.
The advantages of the kitchen tap with pull out spray in a nutshell:
 Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
 Wide reach because of the pull out spray
 Elegant and minimalistic design
 Three easy water functions
 Smooth retract technology
 Made of high quality brass materials
 Easy to clean and easy to maintain
 5-year warranty


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