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ARCORA Pop Up Drain Stopper Replacement Parts


pop up drain is a brass structure, which ensures strength and endurance. It’s a black and chrome finish, which can be visually attractive.

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pop up drain and lift rod X3001 is a center casting orientation for the pivot pole and brass pivot, and also a heavy-duty rubber washer for preventing clogs. Its glistening chrome finish fits the most widely used sink attachments, which means that your bathroom includes a cohesive look. You can safely install it, so long as Keeney supports Restricted products.
Bathroom faucet vanity sink pop-up drain stopper assembly with lift rod and overflow
With overflow fits bathroom vanity sink with a drain hole diameter of 1-1 / 2 ”or 1-3 / 4”
Standard sized US plumbing
Bright chrome surface
The installation is a little complicated, but our instruction is clear.
What Is The Difference Between Pop Up Drain With Overflow And Without?
1. The difference between whether water can be prevented from overflowing underground. The sink drain in the sanitary ware has an overflow function. When the water in the sanitary ware rises to the overflow, it will flow from the sewer to the sewer, and will not overflow to flood your home; When overflowing, it will overflow directly to the ground.
2. The difference between cleanliness and hygiene. The wash basin in the sanitary ware has an overflow function. When the water in the wash basin exceeds a certain level, the water in the wash basin will be automatically drained from here, and will not accumulate in the wash basin. With a functional drain, the water in the basin will accumulate in the basin, accumulate bacteria, and it is not clean.
3. The protection is different when forgetting to turn off the water. The sink drain in the sanitary ware has an overflow function, even if you forget to turn off the water, the water will flow away, and will not flow to the ground; the drain without the overflow function, when you forget to turn off the switch, the water will Overflow to the ground.
ARCORAfaucet’s sanitary ware basin drainer has overflow to make your bathroom environment more clean and hygienic.
Chrome Pop Up Drain For Bathroom Sink 6


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