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ARCORA Pull Down Kitchen Tap Brushed Nickel


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An efficient, reliable, and safe single handle pull down kitchen faucet.
Save a lot of time and labor in kitchen life, whether it ’s sanitation or cooking.
The faucet uses imported core parts to ensure product quality.

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Kitchen faucet brushed nickel 2310201
Why choosing a brushed nickel kitchen faucet over a chrome kitchen faucet? Well, we are not here to discuss about taste. Taste is subjective and for any taste there is a stylish solution. We can see that many people still prefer chrome kitchen faucets over brushed nickel faucets. However, brushed nickel kitchen faucets are winning in popularity every year. Not for nothing, most of the home designer magazines most of the times feature brushed nickel kitchen faucets in their kitchen designs. No matter if it is regarding classic designs or contemporary kitchen designs. Although chrome gives a sparkling touch to a kitchen, a brushed nickel kitchen faucet definitely adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen design. Most five-star hotels feature brushed nickel faucets, as it just gives a splash of elegance to a kitchen. With small items like kitchen faucets you can achieve a huge impact as you can see.
Is a kitchen faucet brushed nickel therefore also more expensive compared to a chrome kitchen faucet? Not necessarily. Especially not at ARCORA. ARCORA has managed to optimize its procurement process to the maximum. And in combination with its highly-automated production sites, ARCORA is able to produce high-quality kitchen faucets at affordable prices, whether they are fabricated in brushed nickel or chrome. You will reap the benefits from ARCORA’s extensive experience producing top-class kitchen faucets that are demanded all over the world.

Design kitchen faucet brushed nickel
The bold designers of ARCORA every time manage to deliver kitchen faucet designs that would fit straight in any exclusive home design magazine. This particular kitchen faucet brushed nickel offers an elegant, stylish, minimalistic and yet practical kitchen faucet all in one. Its design is contemporary, but would fit in almost any kitchen. All measures and ratios have been well-thought and that you notice in the end result of this piece of contemporary kitchen art.
The high arc kitchen faucet brushed nickel gives an elegant, stylish outline to your kitchen in general and the kitchen sink in particular. Because you can turn the high arc kitchen faucet 360 degrees, your kitchen faucet will not be in the way at any time. You can just smoothly move the high arc faucet to either the left or right in a way that you have full access to your kitchen sink.

Multifunctional kitchen faucet brushed nickel
First of all ARCORA’s kitchen faucet brushed nickel offers three water functions. With its stream, spray or pause mode you can either use the multifunctional kitchen faucet brushed nickel of ARCORA for filling water, spraying to rinse or pause it to avoid splashing. The high-tech Neoperl ABS-aerator can save up to 50% water, which you will notice on your water bill. And that without compromising on stream performance. Second, the main feature of this kitchen faucet brushed nickel is the retractable water hose. You can pull the spray head from the faucet to reach any place in and around your kitchen sink. When you are finished with your cleaning job, the spray head will automatically retract to its original position.
The lever can be handled with just one hand, in order to always have the other hand free for your kitchen tasks. This kitchen faucet lever moves smoothly and yet you notice the quality materials that have been used. You will not feel any backlash of any way. Both the water temperature and the water strength can be easily controlled with this stainless steel lever.

High quality kitchen faucet materials
As stated before, ARCORA only uses high quality materials to produce its kitchen faucets. The disc valve for example is made of brushed nickel and the kitchen faucet itself is made of stainless steel. Together with the solid brass construction, the kitchen faucet brushed nickel of ARCORA resists both scratches and corrosion. That makes this brushed nickel kitchen faucet of high quality.
The easy-retractable water hose of 1,5 meter is made of silica gel. Therefore it is wear-free and guarantees a smooth operation while retracting the hose. Because of the heavy ball as counter weight, the spray heads gets just enough resistance to offer you maximum comfort operating it.

Kitchen faucet with the best value for money
Because of its design and the quality of its materials and finish, you would expect this kitchen faucet to be priced like the global A-brands that are known in the market. But nothing is less true! This kitchen faucet brushed nickel is highly affordable and even in a budget design kitchen you could afford this prestigious kitchen faucet that offers a life long durability at top performance.
The five year warranty applies to most of the kitchen faucets of ARCORA. At ARCORA we are highly confident that our kitchen faucet brushed nickel will perform to the maximum and will not cause you any hassle. If the kitchen faucet brushed nickel would not perform like it should perform, we will simply replace the product without any trouble. You will be assured of continued quality and performance at all times.

Kitchen faucet brushed nickel installing
The kitchen faucet brushed nickel comes with Creative Quick Connect Technology. Because of its original connecting construction, it is that easy to be installed by yourself. You won’t need a plumber that would cost you lots of money. With the included accessories, installment guide and the online installing video, you would be able to install this kitchen faucet brushed nickel in just 30 minutes.
Not surprisingly, the kitchen faucet brushed nickel of ARCORA is not only applied at homes, but many business like restaurants and bars as well apply this kitchen faucet. As stated before, the kitchen faucet brushed nickel gives a true upgrade to any kitchen. And together with its high performance, it is definitely suited for bars and restaurants, especially the ones with an open kitchen. This design kitchen faucet brushed nickel gives a plus to any kitchen. Many international commercial customers have therefore trusted ARCORA for its equipment and the value for money it provides. We are confident that we would earn your trust as well!
The advantages of the kitchen faucet brushed nickel in a nutshell:
· Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
· Elegant high arc design
· Solid stainless steel and brass materials
· 3 water modes
· Retractable pull down water hose
· Easy to install with Creative Quick Connect Technology
· Easy to clean and easy to maintain
· 5-year warranty

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