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ARCORA Touchless Soap Dispenser Commercial


The automatic sensor soap dispenser can automatically and quantitatively wash out the hand washing liquid when washing hands, and can use soap liquid to clean hands without touching, which is very convenient and hygienic.

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Touchless Soap Dispenser
Due to pandemics, like the outbreak of COVID-10 for example, we realize that our health is fragile and we should always take care of our hygiene to not be infected. And not to infect other ones. Especially in public places, we should be fully aware about hygiene, and tools should be provided to prevent virus or bacteria to spread. Items that are touched often, like doorknobs and faucets, should be often cleaned to keep them germ free. And during pandemics you should above all avoid shaking hands. But above all, it is very important to wash your hands frequently. As you wash your hands frequently, bacteria have far less change to spread and to make someone sick or infected with a virus.

At ARCORA we care about health and all our products always have been designed with your health as main purpose. That is why we have designed this touchless soap dispenser to offer you full comfort and means for your employees and customers, and a safe way to stop virus and bacteria from being spread.

Touchless soap dispenser with infra-red sensor

At public places you would like to prevent to touch anything with your bare hands to avoid contact with germs. That is why ARCORA offers this touchless soap dispenser with infra-red technology. When you hold your hands under this touchless soap dispenser, you will receive a fair portion of soap in your hands, without having to touch anything. In combination with a touchless faucet, you can wash your hands completely safe, without having to perform any complicated tricks to avoid to touch anything.

ARCORA’s touchless soap dispenser could be used in various places, like toilets or kitchens, in for example office buildings, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and many other places. This touchless soap dispenser was made of high- performance materials in order to last long in public places. Even hard-handed use of this touchless soap dispenser can easily be handled. Not for nothing many international companies haver trusted in the touchless soap dispenser of ARCORA to control the COVID-19 outbreak.

Multifunctional touchless soap dispenser

Primarily this touchless soap dispenser was made for soap. But you could use any kind of liquid in this infra-red sensor dispenser. You could either fill it with disinfectant, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, or even sunscreen. You could even offer two touchless soap dispensers, for example one with hand soap and another one with disinfectant. In this you offer maximum comfort to your customers and employees. At least you can be confident that you are doing your utmost to try to prevent viral diseases and bacteria from being spread.

This touchless soap dispenser was originally made for commercial use. However, you could apply this automated dispenser at your home as well. As you want your family being safe and healthy, with this touchless soap dispenser, you could make this even easier. Either you fill it with soap, or with disinfectant, just according to your own customs. As this touchless soap dispenser has a minimalistic design, it can fit in any kitchen or bathroom. It even gives a nice touch of modern technology in your kitchen or bathroom without occupying a lot of space.

Design touchless soap dispenser

The touchless soap dispenser of ARCORA is convenient and hygienic as you can automatically wash your hands without touching anything when applying soap or hand sanitizer. Besides, this touchless soap dispenser with automatic sensor has an exquisite and compact design. It does not only save space, but it is also a fine design item in both public places as in your own home. This touchless soap dispenser will definitely contribute to your company image as a modern company that cares about its customers, employees and health.

Besides design, ARCORA has also thought well about the functionality of this touchless soap dispenser. The ease of use is of course the prime advantage of this automated dispenser. But at touchless soap dispensers the biggest challenge is to offer the right amount of liquid, without any messy spills. The dispensing valve of ARCORA’s touchless soap dispenser regulates the amount of liquid and prevents dripping. Therefore the touchless soap dispenser of ARCORA helps you to prevent germs to be spread at maximum customer comfort, and without any waste.

User-friendly touchless soap dispenser ARCORA’s touchless soap dispenser features a dual-electric design, as it can be powered with either batteries or DC power. This makes this touchless soap dispenser user-friendly and can be installed relatively fast, even not having a wall outlet nearby. You simply drill a small hole in the deck mount, and you can install this touchless soap dispenser without any hassle. Under the kitchen of bathroom sink you can replace the liquid supplies easily, and they are not visible to anyone. In this way esthetics are not harmed in any way and you can offer full service with this minimalistic touchless soap dispenser.

As with all of its products, ARCORA uses efficient high-tech technologies to offer high quality products. And because of its efficient procurement and highly automated production processes, ARCORA can offer this touchless soap dispenser at a reasonable price. At ARCORA we are proud of our products and the quality that we offer to our clients from all over the world. Therefore we are confident to provide you with a 5-year full warranty period. If your touchless soap dispenser would not perform like you would expect it to perform, we will replace your touchless soap dispenser without any problem.

Besides, ARCORAoffers a 90-day money back guarantee. If you would not like this touchless soap dispenser for some reason, we will simply refund you without any questions asked. In this way you can adopt this advanced infrared sensor technology to avoid secondary cross infection at no risk at all. What are you waiting for?

Please contact us when you want to order higher quantities of our touchless soap dispenser to offer you a discount.

The advantages of the touchless soap dispenser in a nutshell:

•High-tech infrared technology

•Can be filled with either soap, disinfectant or hand sanitizer

•Modern design

•High performance

•For both commercial and home use

•Easy to clean and easy to maintain

•5-year warranty


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2 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz

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