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Bathroom Basin Faucet tall white


Body material: solid brass
Surface treatment: white
Faucet height:30cm; Length of water outlet:18cm;Water outlet height:22cm;
Regarding chromatic aberration: Due to the different shooting angles of the lighting, there will be slight chromatic aberration, hope to understand.
About after-sales service: If you have any quality problems after receiving the goods, please contact us by email in time, we will reissue or refund for you. Please rest assured to buy.

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Product: All copper faucet
Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, outdoor garden, hotel, restaurant, bath center, etc.
The products are taken in kind, because there may be color differences between different monitors, and they are not a quality problem. Weight and size are described in detail (all allow normal errors).
Ordering precautions: When ordering products, if you encounter related parameters (shape, size, use, material, color, weight, etc.) that we did not indicate in the product description or you cannot clearly understand from the product picture, please be sure to Contact us before ordering to get a clear reply before buying.
1. All impurities in the pipeline should be cleaned up during installation. Can avoid damage to the valve core, jamming, blockage and leakage. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so that there is no residue of construction materials.
2. There is no need to use excessive force when switching any type of faucet products, just twist or toggle. Even the traditional faucet does not need to spend a lot of effort to screw. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest to support or use it. Products equipped with a screen cover for the water outlet should be disassembled and rinsed to clean impurities after a period of use. Products equipped with hoses should pay attention to keep the hoses stretched naturally to avoid breaking.
3. Precautions for faucet cleaning:
(1) Do not wipe the surface of the faucet with a hard object such as a steel ball, because the steel ball is very hard and it is easy to scratch the surface of the faucet.
(2) Use neutral cleaning agent for cleaning. The cleaning agent with strong acidity or alkalinity is not suitable for cleaning with a tap.
(3) After the faucet is cleaned, the remaining moisture on the surface should be dried with a dry, lint-free towel (the same is true for glass cleaning) to avoid scaling.


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