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Hansgrohe Vs Grohe: Are Grohe And Hansgrohe The Same

Hansgrohe Vs Grohe: Are Grohe And Hansgrohe The Same - Blog - 1

When it comes to premium bathroom and kitchen fittings, two names often stand out: Hansgrohe vs Grohe . Despite the similarity in their names, Grohe and Hansgrohe are distinct companies with their own unique histories, product lines, and market positions. This post will delve into the differences and similarities between Grohe and Hansgrohe, providing insights into their origins, product offerings, innovations, and overall brand philosophies.

Historical Background


Grohe was founded in 1936 by Friedrich Grohe in Hemer, Germany. Initially focusing on sanitary fittings, Grohe quickly gained a reputation for high-quality faucets and shower systems. Over the decades, Grohe expanded its product range and global footprint, becoming a major player in the bathroom and kitchen fittings industry. In 2014, Grohe became part of Lixil Group Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of building materials and housing equipment, further strengthening its international presence.


Hansgrohe was established earlier, in 1901, by Hans Grohe in Schiltach, Germany. The company initially produced metal pressing goods and enameled sheet steel products. Over time, Hansgrohe specialized in sanitary fittings, particularly showerheads and hand showers. Unlike Grohe, Hansgrohe remained independent for much longer before eventually becoming part of the Masco Corporation in the late 20th century. Today, Hansgrohe operates as an independent entity within the Masco Group, maintaining its innovative and high-quality product standards.

Brand Philosophy and Market Position


Grohe positions itself as a leader in innovation and design, emphasizing technological advancements and superior performance. The brand is known for integrating cutting-edge technology into its products, such as GROHE SilkMove® for smooth handling, GROHE TurboStat® for precise water temperature control, and GROHE Blue® and Red® for filtered and instant hot water systems. Grohe’s design philosophy focuses on creating modern, stylish, and user-friendly products that enhance everyday living.


Hansgrohe, while also committed to innovation and quality, places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and water conservation. The brand’s EcoSmart technology reduces water consumption without compromising performance. Hansgrohe’s product design philosophy blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, often collaborating with renowned designers like Philippe Starck and Antonio Citterio to create timeless and elegant fittings. Hansgrohe’s premium line, AXOR, represents the pinnacle of luxury and design, offering bespoke solutions for high-end bathrooms.

Product Offerings

Both Grohe and Hansgrohe offer a wide range of products for bathrooms and kitchens, but there are some distinctions in their product portfolios.


Grohe’s product range includes:

  • Faucets: Grohe offers a variety of faucet designs for bathrooms and kitchens, featuring their signature technologies for enhanced performance.
  • Shower Systems: Including overhead showers, hand showers, and complete shower systems with innovative features like SmartControl for intuitive operation.
  • Thermostats: Grohe’s thermostats ensure precise temperature control and safety.
  • Toilets and Bidets: Incorporating modern designs and advanced functionalities.
  • Water Systems: GROHE Blue® and Red® systems for filtered, chilled, and boiling water directly from the tap.


Hansgrohe’s product range includes:

  • Faucets: Known for their elegant designs and innovative features like Select technology for easy operation.
  • Shower Solutions: A broad spectrum of products, including rain showers, hand showers, and shower systems with EcoSmart and AirPower technologies.
  • Showerpipes and Shower Panels: Combining multiple functions into a single unit for a luxurious shower experience.
  • Thermostats: Advanced thermostats with precise temperature control and safety features.
  • Kitchen Faucets: Ergonomically designed with functionalities that cater to modern kitchen needs.

Innovation and Technology


Grohe is at the forefront of integrating technology into its products. Key innovations include:

  • GROHE SilkMove®: Ensures smooth and precise control of water flow and temperature.
  • GROHE TurboStat®: Maintains constant water temperature for a safe and comfortable shower experience.
  • GROHE Blue® and Red®: Systems that provide filtered, chilled, and boiling water directly from the kitchen tap.
  • SmartControl: An intuitive control system for showers, allowing users to adjust water flow and temperature with the push of a button.


Hansgrohe is renowned for its eco-friendly technologies and design innovations. Key technologies include:

  • EcoSmart: Reduces water consumption by up to 60% without sacrificing performance.
  • AirPower: Mixes water with air to create a more voluminous, pleasant water stream while saving water.
  • Select Technology: Allows users to control water flow and temperature with the touch of a button.
  • QuickClean: Features silicone nozzles that can be easily wiped clean to prevent limescale buildup.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact


Grohe is committed to sustainability, implementing environmentally friendly practices across its manufacturing processes. The company focuses on water and energy-saving technologies, sustainable product design, and reducing its carbon footprint. Grohe’s commitment to sustainability is recognized through various certifications and awards, such as the German Sustainability Award.


Hansgrohe places a strong emphasis on sustainable development and water conservation. The company’s EcoSmart technology is a testament to its dedication to reducing water usage. Hansgrohe’s production facilities adhere to stringent environmental standards, and the brand actively participates in initiatives to protect water resources and promote sustainable living.


While Grohe and Hansgrohe share a common heritage and commitment to quality, they have distinct identities and strengths. Grohe is known for its technological innovations and modern designs, aiming to enhance functionality and convenience. Hansgrohe, on the other hand, excels in combining design excellence with sustainability, offering eco-friendly solutions that do not compromise on performance.

Choosing between Grohe and Hansgrohe ultimately depends on personal preferences and specific needs. Whether it’s Grohe’s advanced technologies and sleek designs or Hansgrohe’s eco-friendly innovations and designer collaborations, both brands offer exceptional products that elevate the bathroom and kitchen experience.