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Shower Systems Pros and Cons to Help You Build the Perfect Shower System

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Shower Systems Pros and Cons to Help You Build the Perfect Shower System

A custom shower or shower system is the kind of shower you see in high-end spas, with many multiple shower heads and body jets mounted on all the walls and even the ceiling of the shower. They produce large amounts of water and various types of spray and are usually part of a large tiled shower stall.


Shower Systems Pros and Cons


  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE – Shower systems are called custom showers for a reason – because you have complete control over the type of shower heads used and their placement, which means you can get the exact shower experience you want (a double benefit for couples who are tall, short, or have significant height differences).
  • FULL COVERAGE – The shower system is specifically designed to provide nearly 360 degrees of spray, with different types of showerheads and body jets located in different areas, so water will flow to you from all directions.
  • MAXIMUM WATER FLOW – The shower system includes many multiple shower heads, each connected individually or in small groups, meaning that each head or shower group produces the maximum amount of water found in a standard shower, but they can be used simultaneously to provide you with a true spa-like level of water flow.
  • DESIGNER LOOK AND FEEL – Shower systems require a lot of plumbing, but this means that as part of a larger project, you have the opportunity to build a truly gorgeous shower stall around them – fully tiled from floor to ceiling, with all the shower hardware seamlessly integrated into the design.
  • shower systems pros and cons


  • THE BIGGEST DOWNSIDE TO SHOWER SYSTEMS is that they have to be somewhat invasive when installed. At the very least, you’ll need to extend your plumbing to accommodate the new shower, which means knocking down and rebuilding walls. You can’t really install a system without building a whole new shower.
  • HIGHER TOTAL PRICE TAG – You can buy a shower panel with all the actual hardware needed to purchase a system, but the components themselves aren’t worth much – you also need to factor in all the other construction costs to design and build a new shower stall to install these components.
  • HIDDEN COSTS – It also has many costs that go beyond the construction of the shower itself. A new shower system often requires additional plumbing upgrades – such as an upgraded water heater and an expanded drainage system. They can also significantly increase your water and sewer bills, as you use more water per shower and may have to take longer showers.
  • THEY CAN REALLY SPOIL YOU – it seems like a silly thing to do, but it’s true – once you get used to an amazing shower with high water pressure, 360-degree spray, and a dozen different spray types, even a high-end regular shower will feel a bit mediocre by comparison. So while this is an upgrade that will definitely increase your property value, it’s also an upgrade you’ll really miss after the move!
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